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Mr Super Soft

Mr Super Soft has catered many of the largest events on the Gold Coast, including the Big Day out, Summer Field Dayz, Gold Coast Show, as well as rural shows, school fetes, markets and sporting events. 

We have a vast knowledge of the local area and are able to cater to its needs accordingly.

With over 35 years experience in the ice cream industry, you have the comfort in knowing you are dealing with a family of born and bread ice cream enthusiast.

“If we wont eat it, we simply wont sell it.”

In dealing with Mark at Mr Super Soft you have the reassurance of a quality experienced caterer.  We pride ourselves in selling only top quality products,  making sure you, the consumer get a quality product and the best bite for your buck.

Whether its ice cream, hot chips, coffee, fairy floss or snow cones your after you will  be glad you called Mr Super Soft  on 0417 637 145.